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Okay, Lewisburg Mercy, baseball team so thirsty (Swing)

I’m in the stands with other fans they all tryna hurt me (Swing)



[Verse 1: Rutulious]

Hit it to the fence, make the stands shake

Whoa, hit a foul ball, that’s a miss take

Put some runs up on that board, that’s our fate

Throw the Throw the ball twice, that’s a double play

Say Ye, say Ye, don’t we do this every game day? (Huh!)

I play them long games, long games to get a pay day (Huh!)

Got 5 district champs, now I need shade and a vacay

The commodores be comin, I hope yall boys be ready

Now we out in lewisburg, yeah I’m straight ballin

Big boys baseball, thats the MLB callin

Gettin’ strikes, Densford-icatin

I give them competition, cause that’s how I was born and raised in




[Fuzzy Jones]

Well! It is a weeping and a mourning and a gnashing of teeth
It is a weeping and a mourning and a gnashing of teeth
When it comes to my sound which is the champion sound, believe!


[Verse 2: Easy E]

Yeah, it’s game time, my teams back, this baseball game, oh

I’m red n blue, this easy game , I’m ramage, oh

I’m ball poppin’, homerun hitter , they ball droppin, oh

I’m poppin’ too, these comedors don’t want no more

All they want is too keep buntin, all we do is stayen stunten

He take his time, he counts it out, that’s three strikes, he gotem out

Check the umps, check the wrist, them heads turnin’, that’s exorcist

My baseball bat like TPX, that’s baker time and that’s excellence

Two-run preference, ball gone, Lewisburgs prevalent

That one run on your scoreboard, so your baseball team is irrelevant

Winning that’s tha motto, wins go wherever we go, wherever we go, we do it pronto


[Plumlee and Burns]

There it is. There’s a ground ball to Tanner Lloyd. And the Patriots are going to the State Championship Game. And the dog pile is on. They have won the north half. I have never seen a more excited crowd. Coach Cagle is going bananans!


[Verse 3: CZ]

Hold the Lewisburg Ls up

I threw the Ls on the school bus

You know that my team is rady set

So when we say go yall run to hit

I step to homeplate just to take a hit

Tell em throw me fifty fasballs or imma quit

Most players face level aint at my waist level

Turn up the pace till its up in your face level

Don’t do bench press and you look like a mess kid

Plus my hits make your hits look so desperate

Something bout baseball you wanna know just call me

Your pitches so soft we should call them a volley

Now everybody is movin’ they body

We don’t need no lessons cause this is our hobby

We slither through the bases just like a serpent

We got a new press box and yall cant afford it


[Verse 4: 2 Wolfman]

You cant catch up to my game, your face looks a-shamed

I’m we hit and run at the same time youll see them boys, in tha hall of fame

Hit balls like it finna rain, beat em up like were rampage

100 runs, cut your team, now your team need a band aid

Grade A, A1, yalls jerseys should be aprons

Good timin, great rhymin, we’ll beat you with our freshman

Burg power, burg power, all this spirit I got, I call burg power

Stick to pickin flowers, don’t make it rain we don’t need showers

Rain (rain) pourin (pourin), we just can not stop scoring (scorin)

Yalls team is so boring (borin) all our fans are roaring (roarin) Like




[Plumlee and Burns]

The Patriots win 6 to 3 and they will take on Purvis for the Class 4A Mississippi State Championship. Job well done, my friends. Job well done. Well, I uh, yeah, you know. That is just the best feeling in the world.